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Closed doors, open windows.

Let’s just put the most important, most difficult to announce info out there first:

I did not get accepted into the radiography program for Fall 2012. I was chosen as an ALTERNATE. 

This news came as a little bit of a blow and yes, I was a little sad over it, but not really. I knew I might not get in the first time. Acceptance is based on points. I had 113 points. 18 people were accepted directly into the program, and their points ranged from 122 – 129. There were 27 alternates chosen (myself included). Not everyone will get in.

So there might still be hope, but there might not. I won’t know until this summer. If enough people drop out, or decide to go with another program, or *whatever*, then maybe I’ll move up and be accepted. But maybe not. I’ll still reapply this summer. I’ll still go through the motions of being an alternate, because you never know.

But because of that ‘maybe not’, I’m exploring a bunch of other avenues.

I’ve already passed my certified Nursing Assistant class (just today, whoohoo!) and my clinicals start Thursday. When those are over, I can take the state exam and try to get my foot in the door at some area hospital.

I’ve applied to a couple of other schools and a couple other programs: respiratory therapy, surgical tech, and *dun dun DUN* … NURSING.

Yes, you heard me correctly: the person who said forever that they absolutely did not ever want to even THINK about being a nurse has changed her mind. I blame my awesome CNA teachers and classmates. They have inspired me greatly! And the fact that scrubs feel just like pajamas. Oh, and Nurse Jackie. (Okay, just kidding about Nurse Jackie. She is a pretty bad role model). I feel like this is something I should have done years ago. I feel like I should have been doing this all along. So it took me until age 36 to realize this. That’s okay! No shame.

Now I just have to be accepted into a program somewhere. It would be ideal to find a job at a hospital that offers tuition reimbursement, because holy student loan debt, Batman.

Switching gears, my husband has still not been doing well physically. His doctor kept prescribing him “exercise and sunlight”, and while yes, he does need those things, they were not helping. I was tired of feeling like his doctor wasn’t taking his problems seriously, so I went in with him for the last appointment with a long, typed-out list of his symptoms along with what we’ve tried so far that has either failed/worked, and gave it to the doctor. And it helped, because that same day they ran a buttload of tests for things they hadn’t thought of checking before. Still, it’s been 4 months now and we have no answers. The tests are all coming back normal. Which is great! But then, why is he still feeling awful? Why is he losing weight? Why is he so weak all the time? Why can’t they get his GERD issues under control? Every time he tells me he’s not feeling well, or every time I notice how his clothes are just hanging off of him, or how pale and sickly he seems, my stomach just stays in knots. I just want them to figure something out, and just want him to feel better. Aside from our Wilmington visit last month, we don’t go anywhere or do much at all. He’s just not himself. Not used to it.

So needless to say, I’ve been on edge for a while now. And because of this, I always feel like I’m on the verge of getting sick. I’m always tense. I could use a long massage, a visit to the chiropractor and a week of very long, uninterrupted sleeps. A deprivation chamber would be nice. If only.

Music helps. Reading books that aren’t textbooks helps. Exercise helps. Vodka probably helps, but I don’t drink anymore, so …

That’s about all that’s going on with me. What’s new with you?


A book? Not a book? Share your opinion.


Hello all. A friend of mine needs some input for his thesis.

I know I have some book lovers who read my blog, and so I think you might find this a neat topic of which you can interact.

Please check out This is a book. This is not a book. Like the page. Read the about section. Save the appropriate “This is a book” or “This is not a book” image to your digital device. Photograph yourself with that image. Submit it to share your opinion about the electronic evolution of the book. Feel good that you helped someone out with an important project.

Thanks in advance! 🙂

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