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Manuka update.

So it’s been about 3 weeks since we jumped on the Manuka honey train. My husband has used it daily, sometimes multiple times per day, either straight off the spoon or in tea. I’ve used it in tea and twice topically. Here’s what I’ve noticed so far:

1) Topically, it worked great. It was a little messy to apply, but my skin healed very quickly.

2) It does ease reflux symptoms and works pretty fast. I would much rather my husband take a spoonful of Manuka honey than any OTC reflux reducer, so for this, it is worth it to me.

3) My skin seems clearer than usual. This could be a fluke or it could be thanks to the honey. Though I haven’t tried this yet, you can use it as a face wash. Check out this video of Tracy from The Love Vitamin showing how to use it this way.

4) The jar depletes pretty quickly if you use it as often as we have for the past 3 weeks. The serving size is a tablespoon, so one jar contains about 22 servings. We stopped by Whole Foods this morning and bought another jar. It is a different brand (pictured above) and  Bio Active 15+ (the first one we used was 16+) but this kind has some information on it that the other brand didn’t. The Wedderspoon brand we first used said “100% Raw Organic” while this one says “100% Raw Certified,” and I’ve read where it’s important the jar specifically say ‘certified’ and that it’s a product of New Zealand. The label also reads, “Packed with care in New Zealand by Mossop’s Honey” for Pacific Resources International in Summerland, CA. My other jar said it was a product of New Zealand, but wasn’t specific about it being packed there, so I’m a bit leery that it wasn’t truly the real deal.

5) I’m going to try a little experiment for the next couple of weeks switching back to just regular raw honey to see what happens. I might use the Manuka sparingly but not daily. If my skin freaks out then I’ll know to stick with the Manuka honey. At $33 per 1.1 lb jar, I want to know how little of it you can use to still see benefits but not empty the entire jar in 3 weeks. As for my husband though, he needs to stick with using it daily because I think it’s important for keeping his Barrett’s esophagus symptoms under control.

I am interested to hear if anyone else has experiences with using Manuka honey. I’m pretty impressed with it so far and will update about it again if I have any new progress to share.


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2 thoughts on “Manuka update.

  1. Jessica! on said:

    I don[t know if I asked you this before, but have you looked into buying it in bulk – if possible) or on I don’t know if the shipping cost is worth it or if it would save any money, but you know, never hurts to look. I’m glad it is doing something, though!

    • I haven’t done that, but that’s a good idea! They should have some good deals on Amazon, maybe I can find some that are Prime eligible. It’s good stuff, but $33 a jar hurts.

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