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Nightmare, Aisle 6.

I have recurring dreams, or should I say nightmares, where I’m still working as a shift manager at Rite Aid. It’s funny that some of my worst nightmares have been customer service related. I’ve woke up in a state of sheer panic more than once.

Last night/this morning it was a long dream. The kind where you wake up a couple of times during it, go back to sleep and it keeps on playing out.

This time I was working without any cashiers and a whole tour bus full of people came in. The store where I worked was normally low-volume so to see this many people come in all at once was crazy. They were wrecking the place too; pulling over shelves, breaking glass bottles, etc. The whole place was in shambles.

My boss was in his office but he was acting like nothing was wrong. Typical, I have a store full of people and he’s just sitting in his office, doing nothing.

I single out the one man who seems to be leading it all and tell him everyone has to leave or I’ll call the police. He said, “You’ll call no one, because I’m buying this whole store.”

Then, flash to me .. standing with a mile-long line of customers. The man in charge demands that all items be rang up as one order.

So I’m scanning, and scanning, and scanning ..

and at $10K the cash register freezes.

FINALLY, my boss hauls his himself out of the office and reluctantly starts helping me add up the orders by calculator while looking over my shoulder, telling me I’m doing it wrong. (Again, typical .. he was like that in real life too.)

I came up with $12K as the final total. He said, “Noooo, noooo, noooo!! You can’t let all of this go for that price. It’s at least $16K. You’ve got to COMPLETELY start over. And don’t forget to scan his Wellness+ card.”

And then I woke up.

After working in various retail jobs for 15+ years, I suppose I’m entitled to a few dreams about it. But I quit that job over a year ago .. so the Rite Aid nightmares go away at any time now!


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2 thoughts on “Nightmare, Aisle 6.

  1. Ugh. Stress dreams. I still have them on rare occasions concerning a work situation I was in probably ten years ago and wake up yelling “Leave me alone!”. I still have the same job under much better conditions, however when I’m really stressed out, that time comes back to haunt me.

    In all fairness though, $12K does sound pretty low.

    • Oohhhhh fiiiiiiine, side with HIM .. haha. Just kiddin’


      It’s crazy how things like that can stay so fresh in your mind. It’s good your working conditions are better now because that can be so miserable. I haven’t woke up yelling yet, but I could see that happening. So far I just wake up gritting my teeth, gripping the pillow/blanket and all tensed up. But that’s pretty much always the case with my dreams .. always something going wrong: I’m being chased, I need to be somewhere & can’t get there, or I need to fight but my arms are like jelly. Or, they are just wildly off the wall. I blame melatonin!

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