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Keeping secrets.

I started something new today; something that has the potential to be awesome but will take some time to prove that.

I’ve noticed in the past when I start a new project, I get so super excited about it that I immediately announce it to the world on every social network and anyone else who will listen (whether it be signing up for a class, writing, making changes to my diet, etc.).

And then if my project stalls or fails completely, I’m left with that lost feeling. Someone might remember and ask, “Hey, how’s it going with that thing?” and then I have to explain that it didn’t work out. I hate that.

I always believed that if I tell everyone my plans, the support they offer will be enough to hold me accountable and fuel my motivation.

Not so. Perhaps that works for some, but it has never worked for me. Perhaps a -little- in the beginning, but then it dwindles off. People forget, and rightly so. It’s not their thing, it’s mine.

So today I found this article, and I saw a comment on the same article that really captured my attention:

“Talking about your project seems to spread your energy in every direction other than towards completion.”

So, I’m zipping it and will be interested to see if this actually works.

I hope that it does.

I hope I have good news to share very soon.

(disclaimer: I know, I know … I hate vague stuff too. But this is more of a psychological experiment than anything else.)


Get away.

I love this picture. It’s from our trip to Kill Devil Hills, NC in 2009. I forget the name of this particular stretch of beach, but I think it might have been called Pea Island. You had to drive a little bit to get there, and if you kept on driving past it you would eventually find the place where Nights in Rodanthe was filmed, and then even further past that was Ocracoke Island. (Not so much a fan of that movie, but a huge fan of the beach house in the movie!) There wasn’t another soul on this beach that day, as far as you could see in either direction. Not even a trace that anyone had been there recently. I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to keep driving all the way to Ocracoke, but it was getting late.

I think this was in April, so it was too cold to get in the water. The wind was pretty chilly. Nevertheless, it was perfect.

When we moved to NC in 2008, our plans were to hit the beach at least every summer, and visit the mountains in the fall. We also talked about road trips to GA & FL that have yet to happen. So far this trip in 2009 has been our only beach visit, and we’ve yet to visit the mountains or take any other road trips at all.

If things could get just a little bit better, I think maybe this could be the year that we make good on some of those plans.

I’d love nothing more than to get away from people and traffic and life, even if just for a couple of days.

Friday Tunes: Magic.

Magic by my favorite bandĀ of the moment, Girls. Just a really happy tune. It actually inspired my previous post, especially the line: “If I manage to forget, everything from as of yet, then what a success.”

Are you on ThisisMyJam? If so, add me so we can share our favorite tunes.

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