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Manuka honey & other things.

Manuka honey: have you tried it? It’s supposed to be great for all kinds of things: cuts, burns, GERD, acne, the list goes on and on. It is not cheap and I’m not sure yet how it will taste as it just arrived in my mailbox a little while ago, but if it will help with my husband’s issues, then it’s worth it.

I’d rather do just about anything right now than study. Anything. Clean the bathrooms. Organize the closets. Scoop the litterbox. Okay, maybe not the litterbox. But I am SO not into this semester at all. I forced myself to sit down at the kitchen table today and get started on stuff but, ugh. I am not feeling it. I’m repeating this bio class just to try to get an A to have a better chance at getting into the radiography program (I got a B last semester), but taking it again is just as much of a nightmare as taking it the first time. Sure, the learning curve may not be as steep, but what a pain. Recalling and rereading and relearning and retaking tests (different professor, so different sets of things to concentrate on.) Maybe it’s just January. I’ve heard this month has sucked in many ways for many different people. Maybe things will start looking up. Maybe I actually can pull an A out of it this time. Maybe maybe maybe.

As for how my husband is doing: better for the most part. He’s eating much better but coughs often, some days worse than others. Even though he’s keeping a close watch and a food diary, we can’t seem to figure out what is triggering the cough. Today I’ve been reading up on a procedure called Radiofrequency Ablation, where they go in and burn off the damaged cells in order to reverse Barrett’s esophagus and reduce the risk of cancer. Definitely something to look into; supposedly it’s minimally invasive and the patient can get back to normal life that same day. He has another doctor’s appointment coming up in a couple of weeks, so we will ask about it then.

The past week or so, I’ve had social media anxiety. It’s silly because I know it should never be taken so seriously, but sometimes I get such information overload I have to step away from it all. The dumb comments, the arguments, the opinions & opinions & OPINIONS, the drama, the horrid stuff that I seem to happen upon while casually browsing, the weirdness of it all .. sometimes I don’t see a point. I love Twitter, and Facebook, ehh .. mostly a love/hate relationship. There’s also another side of social media anxiety for me, and that’s when I type out a comment or an at-reply but never hit send, for fear of saying something too stupid. I know, it’s really lame. It all adds up to signaling when I need to either 1) take a break from it all, or 2) do some major filtering. So I spent most of the weekend ducking on and offline quickly while spending most of my time with Lev Grossman’s The Magician King. It’s possible I might enjoy this book more than the first one, and I enjoyed it very much. We’ll see, I’m about halfway through it right now.

I hate to sound all complain-y. It’s about 66 degrees here today and sunny. I drove with my windows down. I listened to great music for the majority of the day (Spotify has some great new apps, just so you know!), cuddled often with the cat and so really .. all is pretty okay. Winter tends to make me quite blah, but if the nice weather holds out, maybe we can get in some outdoor time or find something else fun to do other than wasting away inside behind a computer screen all day.

What’s new with you?


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4 thoughts on “Manuka honey & other things.

  1. Let me know how it goes with the honey. I’ve been thinking of buying some myself as I need to get onto some kind of health kick pronto. I’ve heard it can taste quite bitter, is yours okay?

    • This one is actually quite good. I tasted a small spoonful & noticed just a little bit of sweetness .. it doesn’t have that super sweet aftershock that my Trader Joe’s raw honey has. It’s also much smoother and almost buttery in texture. I’ll update if/when we start seeing some benefits from it! =)

  2. I really relate strongly to your description of social media anxiety. I think I’ve mentioned my internet neuroses to you before. Being without a computer for a week or so helped me out a bit. Put things in perspective, I guess. But coming across “horrid stuff” still really puts a damper on my day. It was happening so often on Reddit, I pretty much just stick to the front page and /r/tipofmytongue and avoid reading comments. Seems like nearly every link is somehow an excuse for someone to go on a bigoted rant or somesuch nonsense.

    • We did talk about this once, on my short-lived Blogger blog I think. I agree about Reddit being a culprit. I seem to find the best and the worst of things there. The comments are terrible, and on YouTube as well. I guess it’s where people let their true colors show behind silly usernames? Or it’s just kids being stupid.

      I’ll have to try sticking with the front page and see if that helps. I am constantly running into the sad animal stories/pics. Ruins my whole day, week, or however much time I spend dwelling. I’m sort of starting to learn where the bad stuff hides, but still come across it from time to time.

      I just checked out /r/tipofmytongue. That could be addictive! I want to solve something.

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