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For the Love of Bookstores.

First, there’s the excitement of planning the outing.

“Want to go to a bookstore today?”


I am lucky to live in a city where there are still plenty of brick and mortar bookstores available. Each have their own special qualities which make them so charming. Some have outdoor reading areas. One offers a discount on Tuesdays if you arrive wearing their t-shirt. Another has great “Meet the Author” events regularly.

You arrive.

The familiar old book smell hits you as you walk through the door.

You could get lost in the tall stacks for hours, and sometimes do.

You wander around, browsing and searching. Maybe you ask a friendly staff member for a recommendation.

Maybe you get some joy out of bringing your own gently used books to trade.

Perhaps you just enjoy the treasure hunt feeling of searching the stacks and finding those gems that just seem to jump out at you.

I grew up in a town that (aside from one comics shop) had only one bookstore: the Goodwill bookstore. And while it could have been awesome, it was largely ignored by the community. I’m not even sure I knew it existed until my college years, and that was only because my grandmother made a large donation of books there. Luckily we did have a decent library, but if you wanted to visit a bookstore you had to travel to one of the bigger cities “nearby”, which meant a good hour to hour-and-a-half drive out of town. Even then, you would only find big box bookstores.

So I know what it’s like to live in an area without bookstores. Needless to say, it isn’t pretty.

Local bookstores just have a certain magic about them. It’s something that can never be had by big box stores and definitely not something you can experience through your eReader purchases or by ordering books online. They are an important part of every community. They deserve our visits and our support.

So, give your local bookstore a visit if you haven’t lately. Check out what they have to offer and what you can do to support them. Get involved. Get others involved. Don’t let these neighborhood gems fade away!

“The Bookshop has a thousand books, 
All colors, hues, and tinges, 
And every cover is a door 
That turns on magic hinges.” 

― Nancy Byrd Turner

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4 thoughts on “For the Love of Bookstores.

  1. awrittenworld on said:

    I 100% agree with you. Local bookstores are incredibly important to a community and city. I love entering the manager’s little world, full of incredible books you would have otherwise never known about (the internet can only tell you so much). And yes, each shop is different, has different selections. But they are the same in one very crucial way: they all try to open our minds and hearts, and give us a place to just relax and enjoy whatever world we want to enter at that moment. I can spend hours in bookstores, and the time is never enough.

  2. There is nothing I love in this world more than a good bookshop

  3. Jessica! on said:

    This made gave me extreme warm fuzzies. There really is nothing like wandering around a book store, finding what is soon to be your new favorite book, and perhaps someone’s old favorite.

  4. Aww, thanks for the comments all =) Nothing like a good bookstore! That might have to be part of my weekend plans this weekend.

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