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Friday tunes – Wishlist

Today is my birthday and I thought long and hard about what song I wanted to share today. Maybe the hit single from the day I was born? Eh, it’s by KC and the Sunshine Band .. not too terribly exciting and grossly overplayed. Or maybe from the year I was born? It’s a Captain & Tennille song. Did NOT want to go there. Then I thought about The Beatles “Birthday” .. but no. So I thought & thought & thought some more, and decided just to share a song I love from one of the bands I’ve loved the longest. But which song? I love so many of them.

So here’s my choice.

Pearl Jam was with me during those troublesome high school years. When Ten came along, it blew me away and I must have played it a million times. They were there when I moved from a small town to a big city and didn’t know anybody. They were there when I was in a terrible relationship and they just happened to be HIS favorite band too. I thought, “Oh no ..  he is going to ruin Pearl Jam for me forever!” but no, that didn’t happen. (Thank you, Pearl Jam, for Rearviewmirror. It helped.) They were there through it all. Just Eddie’s voice, their music, and me.

I recently watched the documentary Pearl Jam Twenty and I’d say it’s a must-see for any fan. Even for non-fans, it’s just cool to learn how they came about, stuck together, fought Ticketmaster, and everything else that makes them who they are today.

Feel free to leave a song for me to listen to as well! Anything and everything 🙂 Music is my favorite thing, so you’d be leaving me a pretty cool gift.


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