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Showcase: my favorite tweets

I started my (second) Twitter account on October 16, 2010. You may remember me as @StefinRaleigh when I first started. Or not, doesn’t matter.
Anyway, from time to time I like to revisit the tweets I’ve favorited just to remember, or laugh, or say “hmmm.” Some really funny & clever people out there.
So here’s a collection of my favorites, in no particular order. Some older, some recent. Some from celebs, some from non-celebs, some from great local people. (Sorry about the crappy spacing and the font changes. WordPress is being douchey. What’s that you say? A user error? Pshaw.)

The Hmmmm:
@rosemcgowan : Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between hipsters and the homeless
@ThatKevinSmith : @WillieNelson has given us honest, beautiful music for years. He’s 77 years old. Can’t they just let him enjoy his weed?
@MuddyDogCoffee : Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.
@NickMotown : “What Would Jesus Do?” Maybe he’d tell people to stop twisting his words as an excuse for bigotry, hatred & homophobia. Just a guess though.
The Funny:
@SteveMartinToGo : Compliments to all my tweep responders. I’m laughing. “In laughter is the laughter of laughing like laughing people.” Laugh Laughterson.
@ConanOBrien : Instead of making anyone travel for Thanksgiving, this year the O’Briens will have a tense, silent meal over Skype.
@clarkekant : “Hey, baby…give me a call sometime. Here’s my number: 6.0221415 × 10²³.” (Amadeo Avogadro unsuccessfully trying to impress the ladies)
@wilw : Leslie Nielson’s in a better place. “A better place? What is it?” A construct to help cope with grief, but that’s not important right now.
@kellyoxford : Only 9 more shopping days until Christmas. Je$u$ Holiday$ are $o $pecial.
@robhuebel : Doing all my holiday shopping from Skymall Catalog. Tell me what you want: Doggie Stairs, Roomba vacuum, heated socks, or penis stretcher
@TheFakeCNN : BREAKING: Crack Discovered in The Washington Monument after today’s earthquake, but enough about the drug problem in D.C.
@BitterOldPunk : I guess the upside of being trapped at the mall is that there’s easy access to Chik-Fil-A. It’s Christ-o-licious!
@odd_vincent : I really should remember to check the time stamp on tweets before I reply to them. I forget that an hour is about 7 years in Twitter time.
@mo11ymonkey : Today is a sad day for the music industry. Lead singer of the band Nickelback, Chad Kroeger, was found alive in his Canadian home.
@lruettimann : Five cats + oxidized blonde hair + seriously dark roots. I need a day at the salon before someone mistakes me as a meth addict.
@drewtoothpaste: Columbus is so progressive that even our GOP headquarters is on the corner of High & Gay.

The Weather-Disaster Related:
@wineaccguy : @SteffingA Snowmeo? Tis to the east… and west… and south… but what space, through yonder snowstorm breaks? The Triangle, the Triangle.
@sonofalink : @SteffingA Sleet sleet sleet sleet motherfucker! Sleet sleet sleet sleet goddamn!
@mammalpants : How big is an f4 tornado? it’s like150000 presidential birth certificates & 23 royal weddings wrapped in an American Idol runner up.#dwts
The Relevant:
The day I registered for fall classes (and also the day I opened my Twitter account), this was Google’s image, and this was my first tweet:

@SteffingA Stef A.
The x-ray theme Google has going on? Extremely relevant today. I take that as a good omen.

The Day Jason Mewes Replied to Me & I was all starstruck, after asking him if he and Kevin Smith would be coming to Raleigh:
@JayMewes @SteffingA Should be , hope so.. check SMODCAST.COM


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