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Newsprint nails.

I saw a tutorial on newsprint nails a while back on Pinterest but only now had a chance to try it. Here’s how it works:

1) Paint your nails white or light gray. I used Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Platinum. This kind was a bit too sheer though and took forever to dry due to the multiple coats I put on. Next time I’ll try a non-sheer polish or a quick-dry kind.

2) Dry completely. You can tell when your nails are dry by tapping them together lightly. If they stick together at all, then they are still not dry.

3) Cut a strip of newspaper that is all text.

4) Dip your nail in rubbing alcohol and immediately press the newspaper onto the nail. Wait 10-15 seconds.

5) Peel the newspaper away and marvel at the sight! Looks pretty cool.

This morning I noticed the print had faded considerably during my sleep, but I also didn’t use a top coat to seal it because I didn’t have any. I’ll try this again in the near future when I have some better supplies to play around with! Have fun 🙂


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