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Things left unsaid

Now that I’ve gone back and re-read that last post, I realize how much I left out because I was trying to keep it brief (funny, since it takes up almost a whole page anyway). I don’t want to make it sound like times were always hard or make myself out to be a victim in any way. I hate that. I had many more great times than bad times, even when it seemed like things were pretty bleak.


A couple of weeks ago I took 2 anatomy exams while having flu-like symptoms. Out of all the tests I’ve taken in my life, I’ve never taken any while feeling that bad. But I managed to pass both with B’s, so I’m happy about that. I have one final left to take on Monday afternoon and then the waiting game begins.

I did sign up to take the class again in January but I may or may not do that, depending on what my final grade is. There’s just a very big chance I may not get into the program even with a B in anatomy, so I registered just in case I decide to try again. My current average is 87%. Doing well on the two finals would help, but not sure it will be enough to push me over the edge to an A.

I’m so excited that once the semester is over I’ll have time to read things other than textbooks! I went crazy and requested 6 books from the library. I know I won’t finish them all but I wanted to have options. Here’s what is in my queue:

Packing for Mars : the curious science of life in the void / Mary Roach.

Stranger than fiction : true stories / Chuck Palahniuk.

A dog’s purpose / W. Bruce Cameron.

I’ll never get out of this world alive / Steve Earle.

The devil all the time : a novel / Donald Ray Pollock.

I love you, Beth Cooper / Larry Doyle.

What’s good with you?


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